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The mission editor and starship editor are now available for in-app purchase.



Create your own racing league, individual missions or independant story line.
Build your own starsystems, create flight paths, mission specific rules and obstacles.

You are only limited by your imagination.


Create your own starship from scratch.
Place the hulls together your way and build different models for sale in game!


Join the Universal Stellar Racing League to earn fame and fortune flying its dangerous amateur, semi-pro and professional circuits.

See beautiful sights throughout the solar systems while racing against the clock.

Upgrade your way to the top from a clunker in the amateur league to a streamlined high performance starship in the pros.


• Free to play

• Stellar Racer presently spans several solar systems. Each system has its own unique feel, tracks and side gigs.

• Over 25 different starship designs to choose from each with several configurations and unique racing feel.

• With the new starship designer, thousands of different starships can be created.

• High levels of starship customization.

• Customize your own interface colors and captain insignia.

• Hack ads, buoys and mines to show off your logo and protect yourself.

• Manage starship power levels to maximize your performance.

• Travel through time.

• Buzz crowds to gain popularity.

• Get corporate sponsors to earn extra credits and fame.

• Cash in on your achievements for credits, fame and more.

• In-depth star system and mission editors allowing you to truly create your own adventure.

Exclusively available on the App Store.

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